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Name:My Chemical Romance Unofficial
Website:MCR Unofficial: Livejournal
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:concerts, discussion, frank iero, gerard way, mikey way, music, my chemical romance, ray toro
As of March 22, 2013, MCR has officially disbanded. We've enjoyed being a part of your MCR fandom experience. This community will now exist as an archive only. Membership is closed indefinitely; please do not ask to join the community. All posts will remain unlocked so you can continue to read and enjoy them. Thank you.

This is the mirror community for the My Chemical Romance Unofficial @ Livejournal. We use this community when Livejournal is experiencing technical problems.

Welcome to My Chemical Romance Unofficial!

This is a community for fans of My Chemical Romance to get together and discuss their favorite band, post concert reviews and recaps and share their interview/magazine scans.

If you have a question about this community, the fandom or the band please check out the FAQ!

Posts are moderated, to ensure that your post is accepted please abide by a few simple rules:
  • Posts should be relevant to My Chemical Romance or members' activities relating to My Chemical Romance. This includes interviews, videos, albums, singles, scans, etc. Moderator posts will include viewing parties and listening parties as well
  • Posts containing gossip, rants, rumors, off topic discussions, community promotion, individual ticket requests/ticket selling posts and posts relating to band members' side projects or personal lives will be rejected
  • Images that are larger than 400x400 and entries that are overly long (such as concert recaps and interview transcripts) should go behind a cut. We also prefer that video embeds go behind a cut. If you need to know how to make a cut please read Dreamwidth's FAQ to learn how
  • Do not adjust the font size or font color
  • Correct grammar and spelling is greatly appreciated, as are paragraph breaks

  • Please do not insult your fellow commenters. If you have a disagreement please debate the commenter in a respectful manner
  • Please keep comments ON TOPIC
  • Please do not delete comments. Use the edit feature or reply to your own comment if you have an addition or change
  • Mods WILL step in the middle of an argument or thread if we feel it is getting out of hand and hand out warnings
  • If you have an issue with a commenter that you feel needs to be addressed, please contact a mod at

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You can contact them at

[community profile] tothetune, the MCR newsletter, is our sister community.

[profile] daily_gway (@ Livejournal)
A History Of MCR
Contaminated Days
If you are interested in becoming affiliated with this community please contact the mods via their email.

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